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What Are We Doing?

We are creating mediums considering positive and negative points of three periods, understanding problems and developing solutions In the framework of vision, design and social impact concepts, and ‘rethinking cities’ and ‘redesigning projects’ strategies.

How Do We Do?

We have been working for 10 years with young and creative teams via

social enterprise’ approach.

We are collaborating with public, private, civil and local organizations.

We are becoming solution partners for their problems.

And we are doing all of it by using 80% of our time and 20% of our earnings.

With Whom?

In collaboration with Governorates, Development Agencies, Municipalities,

Private Sector, Non-Governmental Organizations, Local Organizations

(Associations-Cooperatives) and

Young Planning and Design Offices, Students, Planners, and occupational groups of such as planners, architects, product designers, graphic designers, sociologists, anthropologists, legal experts.

We announced


as the year of


established DESTEK Platform.

We developed the 3blocks1block and neighborhood programs.

We announced


as the year of


established TAK (Design, Research, Participation) Ateliers in Kadıköy and Kartal.

We brought TAK Atelier, TAK Mobile and TAK Kondu with inhabitants together.

We announced


as the year of


established Vision Platform and Vision Atelier.

We launched the programs called 81Cities81Visions, Ten Projects Tens of Impacts, 39Cities1Istanbul.

We announced


as the year of


prepared Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Social Impact Design (SID) Toolkits.

We developed Social Impact Matrix (SIM) and Social Impact Programs (SIP).

We announced


as the year of


We developed new approaches and methods,

Shared Green Road Program with public.

We are announcing


as the year of


We announced Urban Puzzle Program, established Atelier Mugla Bir.

We are developing new guidelines and methods.