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We Are Investigating Possible IMPACTs


We emphasize that urban regeneration is not merely a real estate development so that we analyze various effects of urban regeneration projects on people and places.

We investigate negative impacts of the projects with the help of all stakeholders by creating interactions and finding out context specific methods.

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) reports should be provided in the project development processes. With this idea behind we prepared SIA guidebook and shared it with the public.

We prepare Social Impact Assessment (SIA) reports via following 5 research steps (5T): Tanımlama (Profiling; due diligence), Tarama (Scanning; early intervention), Tahlil (Analysis; impact assessment), Tasarlama (Planlama; mitigation management), Takip (Follow-up; monitoring and mitigation)

We set forth the importance of negotiation management process considering large-scale urban redevelopment projects. For that purpose, we developed and implemented many methods for managing the process of negotiation. One of the methods is 6B steps that consists of Bilgilendirme (informing), Bilinçlendirme (awareness-raising), Buluşma (engagement), Beklenti (expectation), Belirsizlik (uncertainties) and Benimseme (adoption).

Social Impact Assessment (SIA), Social Interaction Matrix (SIM), Social Impact Design (SID) and Social Impact Programs (SIP) are the tolls that developed by Kentsel Strateji and they help implementing participatory planning approaches as well as strategic design approaches.

SIM, for instance, offers a framework in order to mitigate negative impacts of the projects.

We prepared Kartal East Center Social Impact Assessment report that is of its first kind in Turkey. In this report we identified the negative impact of Kartal East Center project and proposed impact mitigation strategies for the project.


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