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From Statement into Action


We put our vision, concepts and strategies into practice via platforms and atelier that we also become founding partners.

Kentsel Strateji announced;

2012, as the year of ‘PARTICIPATION’; DESTEK Platform was established.

2013, as the year of ‘DESIGN’, TAK (Design, Research, Participation) Ateliers in Kadıköy and Kartal were founded.

2014, as the year of ‘VISION’; VISION Platform and Vision Atelier were founded together with the Nef Group.

2015 as the year of ‘SOCIAL IMPACT’; Life Atelier will be established in 2016.

The approach of 4 themes 4 calls has become so successful that voluntarism and public-private partnerships have spread.

Democracy, Economy, Society, Tactics, Equality, Key Participants main principles are adopted by DESTEK Platform that opened up discussions of new urban regeneration approaches on the neighborhood and city scales via 3blocks1block program with the help of volunteer participants.

In TAK Ateliers, volunteer designers and local people are coming together.

In Vision Atelier, we develop programs in order to train “Urban Strategists” and “Social Planners

We formed TAKorTAK as an umbrella concept. We aim to support similar organizations and establish Anatolian Design Atelier.


Design Research Participation [Tasarım Araştırma Katılım (TAK)]


DESTEK (Support)


TAK Kadıköy

In Atelier

How To Set Up TAK Model in 10 Steps

In Atelier / Design