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We share our experiences!


We share our experiences via trainings, meetings, presentations, workshops as well as publications.

We create new opportunities for students and experts by sharing our know-how, experiences and approach at Studio 33.

We give lectures at the universities and share our experiences with students.

We share our experiences with national and international organizations and with some of them we also collaborate.

We bring together the locals and designers via TAK Kadıköy, TAK Kartal and Vision Atelier.

We collaborate civic organizations as like ÇEKÜL Foundation, Historical Cities Foundation, GYODER, KONUTDER and share transfer our experiences.

We share our works with universities in Anatolian cities.

In cooperation with development agencies, governorates and municipalities, we develop projects and organize trainings.

We cooperate with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and the World Bank for the future of cities and social impact design. We organize training programs together.

We organize meeting to raise awareness with the help of local organizations and DESTEK Platform. In this way, we empower the locals in the project development processes.

We share our know-how not only via trainings but also via our publications.

We shared our SIA Guidebook and 81Cities81Visions publication with the public and thanks to the feedbacks we develop new programs.

We shared publications related with 10 Main Principles:

Future of Cities

Negotiation Management

The Future of Istanbul

Transfer of Development Rights

The Future of Çayırova

Strategic Design

Social Impact Assessment

Social Impact Design

TAK Model



Urban Regeneration


By taking the significance of the Marmara Earthquake (August 17, 1999), each year we make announcements “How many years left for the next possible earthquake?” under the question in order to raise awareness.

We share our annual themes with the public

2012 as the year of PARTICIPATION

2013 as the year of DESIGN

2014 as the year of VISION

2015 as the year of SOCIAL IMPACT

2016 as the year of SHARING

2017 as the year of PUBLIC SPACE

2018 as the year of INTERATCION

2019 as the year of MOVEMENT


Our ideas, announcements, articles are published in newspapers, magazines and shared on social media.


Studio 33

University Lectures

Strategy Trainings

Briefings (National and International)

Mahalle; 3 Vital Touch

In Design / Education / Method

SIA in 10 Questions

In Education / Impact / Method

3Blocks 1Block Model

In Design / Education / Method

Social Impact Design Toolkit

In Design / Education / Impact / Method

Social Impact Design; Method Cards

In Design / Education / Impact / Method

Earthquake in Water Geography; Impacts, Strategies, Recommendations

In Education / Vision