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We Are Rethinking Cities!

It is time to envision our cities again with a new vision. We believe in the necessity of bringing strategic (top-bottom) and local (bottom-up) approaches together while looking for a solution. In other words, we are developing integrating strategies between strategic and local frameworks. In strategic level we take region, basin and urban scales into consideration while in local scales building, street and neighborhood levels are considered.

We are developing future strategies of cities via Identity (Kimlik), Capacity (Kapasite), Resource (Kaynak), Development (Kalkınma), Participation (Katılım), Structure (Kurgu) (6K). We are preparing Road Maps, Vision Plans, Strategic Plans according to decisions taken in participatory mediums and in collaboration.

We are discussing problems and solutions with politicians, managers, planners and designers, project developers, non-governmental organization, everybody and every segment of society affected by the project; and creating mediums of consensus.

We are discussing principles and models of the new urban movements such as Developing Cities, Culture Cities, Dynamic Cities, HUB Cities, Resilient Cities, Sharing Cities, Garden Cities which are unique to us, by benefiting worldwide urban movements of ‘Urban Renaissance’, ‘New Century Cities’, ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Resilient Cities’.

We are developing ‘City Planning’ rather than conventional planning, and other methods and tools like ‘Spatial Development Strategy Framework’, ‘Strategic and Tactical Framework’, ‘Strategic Master Plan’.

We are bringing economic and social development dimensions of planning into question as well as its spatial dimension.


Urban Models

Urban Vision

Urban Identity

Strategic and Tactical Framework

Strategic Master Plan

Tarlabasi Strategic Social Plan

In Impact / Vision

Zafertepe Squatter Improvement Project

In Impact / Vision

Kartal East Center

In Design / Impact / Vision

Earthquake in Water Geography; Impacts, Strategies, Recommendations

In Education / Vision

The Redesigned City Form ‘Turkestan’

In Vision

Green Belt Strategy for Tashkent

In Design / Vision