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We Are Producing Design Strategies


We bring forward that planning is not just master plan and design is not just product design or architecture products, but that they are a process management and the necessity of the prioritization of its social dimensions.

We are considering Social Impacts, preparing ‘Social Impact Design’ which includes Research for exploring the problems together, Participation for consensus, Design for solutions.

We are sharing our activity cards and method cards with designers and inhabitants, developing our intrinsic participatory methods.

We are developing Social Innovation Design approach, preparing guides, and developing projects.

In project development process we are developing strategies and design principles with the project affected people together. We are working with investors, real estate owners, and designers together in Strategic Design We are doing Strategic Design management

We are looking for answers to the questions like ‘what to do for cities and how?’ as well as developing models for urban development and neighborhood renewal.

We are preparing design principles and codes like coherent building, living street, our neighborhood via Neighborhood Design Guidebook.

We are developing models for creating safe, livable and resilient neighborhoods through 3D Strategy – axis (damar), node (düğüm), pattern (doku).

We are creating participatory mediums in grand scale urban regeneration projects, encouraging of rethinking the projects in the framework of vision, design and social impact concepts and developing suggestions for solid solutions.

We are managing design processes to prevent saying ‘if only we’d not demolished’, ‘if only it’d be other way’ in the aftermath of the regeneration of the places that we have lived and worked for years. We believe in the necessity of designing memories, neighbor relations, incoming and outgoing population, old traces in other words everything about life and place in a decent way beforehand.


Strategic Design

Social Impact Design (SID)

Social Innovation Design

Mahalle; 3 Vital Touch

In Design / Education / Method

3Blocks 1Block Model

In Design / Education / Method

New Cayirova Vision Plan

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Social Impact Design Toolkit

In Design / Education / Impact / Method

Social Impact Design; Method Cards

In Design / Education / Impact / Method

Kartal East Center

In Design / Impact / Vision

How To Set Up TAK Model in 10 Steps

In Atelier / Design


In Atelier / Design / Impact

Green Belt Strategy for Tashkent

In Design / Vision