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We Develop Innovative Methods!


In the process of Social Impact Design, we make use of innovative methods.Based on our 20+10 years of experience, we develop new approaches for the future of cities, new methods and tools for implementation. We share our experiences with the public, private sector and civil society.

Instead of SWOT Analysis, we developed BEK Analysis that enables developing better strategies for the future of cities.

Via the Strategic and Tactical Frameworks we raise the questions “What to do?” and “How to do?” for the future of our cities. In this way, we develop strategies and spatial plans.

We prepared social impact management plan by using Social Interaction Matrix (4E) that aims to mitigate negative impacts via creating an interaction among the project AFFECTED and AFFECTING

Via Social Impact Design (SID), we offered Research, Design and Participation processes in order to manage project design phases. For that purpose, we also prepared activity and method cards which help to bring the locals and designer together.

Via Negotiation Management and 6B steps, we develop tools and methods for putting participatory planning and project design phases into progress.

Expectation Management enables analyzing the expectation of various groups like the private and public sectors, landlords, tenants and civil society.

Multiplier Interaction Strategy Framework is a framework that includes understanding different expectations considering the past, the present and the future understanding on the same issue. In this way, we offer strategic visions, objectives, plans and programs in order to reach the goal based on a specific action area.

Urban Strategy Framework, on the other hand, offers an approach of ‘3 Themes, 3 Strategies and 3 Scales’ to planning so that we developed 3blocks1block, neighborhood and urban programs.

The Strategic and Tactical Framework is a systematic framework that asks the questions “What to do?” in order to analyze the concepts of value, order and balance and “How to do?” in order to analyze the concepts of spine, ring and network.

Urban Strategy Workshop is a participatory meeting that enables preparing visions plans and strategic design phases so that various expectations of different actors can be identified.

Transfer of Development Rights is a planning tool that has been successfully implemented in western countries and it aims to generate public spaces, to protect cultural and natural heritage, to control urban growth etc. We offered suggesting to make use of this tool that is adapted to Turkey so that we developed 10B steps consisting of: Başvuru (application), Belediye (municipality), Bakanlık (ministry), Bilgi (information), Belge (documentation), Bölge (region), Büyüklük (scale), Bonus (bonus), Bono (bond), Banka (bank).

Development Bonus method aims to increase development rights in stages. We tested this method in the 3blocks1block and the Neighborhood programs. We came to the conclusion that development bonus should be offered to create public spaces on the condition of combining land, expropriation of land for roads, amenities or creating parking plots.

Via the events of Making the Invisible Visible we investigate local problems and analyze negative impacts.

Fikirtepe Film Atelier

Kartal Film Atelier

Silent Walks (understanding and perceiving the neighborhood via 5 senses)

Street Workshops

Street Workshops

Plus (+) Minus (-)

Shock Borders Corners 

Methods and Activities



BEK Analysis

Strategic and Tactical Framework

Social Interaction Matrix (4E)

Social Impact Design; Activity and Method Cards

Negotiation Steps (6B)

Expectation Management Matrix

Multiplier Interaction Strategy Framework

Urban Strategy Framework; 3 Themes, 3 Strategies, 3 Scales

Strategic and Tactical Framework

Urban Strategy Workshop

Transfer of Development Rights (10B)

Development Bonus

Mahalle; 3 Vital Touch

In Design / Education / Method

SIA in 10 Questions

In Education / Impact / Method

3Blocks 1Block Model

In Design / Education / Method

Social Impact Design Toolkit

In Design / Education / Impact / Method

Social Impact Design; Method Cards

In Design / Education / Impact / Method

Transfer of Development Rights

In Method